Shawn Williams

A picture of Shawn Williams the photographer

I live in the north west of Ireland with my wife Sharon, two daughters and our dog Whisky who is an Airedale Terrier.


Photography for me started years ago when I took a class at university, from day one I was hooked.  Photography back then was pre-digital, the developing chemicals and dark room have now been replaced with software and a laptop.  


Living in the north west of Ireland, which borders Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, we are blessed with stunning landscapes that vary from wild coastlines to remote mountain ranges and boglands.

I share my passion of photography with my wife who is also a photographer. Albeit her style of photography is very different from mine. She favours abstract and fine art photography You can check out her photographs at Most of our leisure time is devoted to our passion and our need to chase the light.

Sharon and I in Paris
Shawn Williamsthe photographer and his wife Sharon