Ireland Campervan Road Trip and Photography- Day 4

I woke up early in the morning and decided to explore the area. About a 100 meters from the Camper Van there was a seaside Cliff walk. The sun was just starting to come up and I thought I might be able to get some good sunrise photographs. I walked for two miles and got a few photos but the sun never came out from behind the over cast sky. By the time I got back my wife and daughter were up and having breakfast so i joined them. We then cleaned the Camper and started the 45 minute drive back to Dublin Airport were we picked up the camper. We turned the camper in packed our car and headed back up to Derry. On the way we were going to pass Newgrange Tomb which I had never seen before. Bec

Ireland Campervan Road Trip and Photography- Day 3

Our campervan was battered all night by gale force below wind and snow. The temperature had dropped well below freezing. I must have been woken at least 10 times from the howling of the wind and the shaking of the van. A couple of times I was worried that the parking brake was going to fail and we would get blown into the next camper. Luckily this did not happen. We were also in luck with the heating system on the camper. It was able to handle the cold. So we were relatively warm. We packed up our things and started to head north to the Wicklow mountains were we wanted to stay the last night. It was over a two hour journey so were hoping that the storm did not hit the north. I was wrong.

Ireland Campervan Road Trip and Photography- Day 2

On day two (St. Patricks Day) we got up early hoping to catch the sunrise but we were out of luck, it was over cast. We had breakfast packed up our things and were on our way. Only couple of miles down the road we came across a little fishing harbour. It had a castle at the end called Slade Castle. I could see many compositions that would make good photographs. So we stopped for a half our while I took some pictures. The wind was blowing a gale on this side of the peninsula so Sharon and my daughter stayed in the warm campervan. When I got what I needed we were on our way again. For lunch we stopped at the ruins of 1200 century Tintern Abbey. I got a few photos of the Abbey from along a

Fanad Head - Landscape Photography Location Scouting

We arrived at Fanad in the middle of the day. The sun was high and there was not a cloud in the sky. We soon realised this was going to be more of a scouting trip than a photography session. I would use the time to record good location that would be worth coming back at better time when the light was right. Our ultimate destination was going to be Fanad Light House which is at the northern most point of the peninsula. On our way there we hugged the coastline hoping for some good spots to stop and photograph. A few miles before we reached the light house the sandy beaches turned in to a strange rocky coastline. It looked other worldly. The bed rock was exposed leaving a flat rock service

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