Ireland Campervan Road Trip and Photography- Day 3

Our campervan was battered all night by gale force below wind and snow. The temperature had dropped well below freezing. I must have been woken at least 10 times from the howling of the wind and the shaking of the van. A couple of times I was worried that the parking brake was going to fail and we would get blown into the next camper. Luckily this did not happen. We were also in luck with the heating system on the camper. It was able to handle the cold. So we were relatively warm.

We packed up our things and started to head north to the Wicklow mountains were we wanted to stay the last night. It was over a two hour journey so were hoping that the storm did not hit the north. I was wrong. It just kept getting worse and worse.

The motorway was down to one lane and moving at a snails pace because of the snow. This meant the journey took almost 3 hours. We made it to the foot hills of the Wicklow mountains to a town called Rathrum but had to turn back because the roads had to much snow and were too step for the campervan to go up.

We drove back down to the coast to a beach called Ennereilly. The wind was still blowing a gale but my wife and I got out and took a few photos. We were going to stay the night but because of the strong wind and that we could not park the camper on any level ground we decided to give the mountains another go, but further north near Dublin.

We only got as far as Enniskerry village in the mountains before we had to turn around again because the roads were to bad. By this time it was really late and dark. We needed to find a place to stay for the night. We headed back down again to the coast to Bray. We ended up pulling up for the night in a parking lot at the end of the beach front in Bray. We then spent another night to the howling wind and rocking van. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day.

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