Ireland Campervan Road Trip and Photography- Day 2

On day two (St. Patricks Day) we got up early hoping to catch the sunrise but we were out of luck, it was over cast. We had breakfast packed up our things and were on our way. Only couple of miles down the road we came across a little fishing harbour. It had a castle at the end called Slade Castle. I could see many compositions that would make good photographs. So we stopped for a half our while I took some pictures. The wind was blowing a gale on this side of the peninsula so Sharon and my daughter stayed in the warm campervan. When I got what I needed we were on our way again.

The Caravan at Tintern Abbey for Lunch

For lunch we stopped at the ruins of 1200 century Tintern Abbey. I got a few photos of the Abbey from along a path that runs from the Abby to a stone bridge. For lunch I had to improvise a bit. We assumed that the campervan had an oven. So we had bought some pizza. But we came to find out that it there was no oven. Sharon had the idea of cooking the pizza on the frying pan so that is what I did and it worked ok.

After lunch we heading to Wexford were I had booked into a caravan site for the night. Along the way we stopped one more time to take some more photos of another castle we spotted across from a river.

Finally we made it into Wexford around 5pm. We checked in to the site parked the camper and took a walk into town for a bit of an explore and dinner. On our way to the campervan that evening the wind picked up and it started to snow. We did not realise but that was only the start of much more to come. We got back and went to bed to a restless night.

To be continued...

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