Photography of an Epic Sunset at Malin Head

Sunset at Malin Head

Malin Head is Irelands most northernly point. Along the cost there is sea cliffs. One section of these cliffs are called Hell's Hole. Which is a chasm where the tide rushes in with impressive force.

We have been to Hell's Hole at Malin Head many times in the past to take photographs but have never been there for a sunset. So on the Saturday evening my wife Sharon, my daughter and myself headed to Malin Head to catch the sunset.

This is a picture from on top of the sea cliffs looking down to the ocean at about 30 minutes before sunset.

Malin Head sea cliffs

The following two pictures you see myself and Sharon setting up our cameras and tripods to capture photographs

At the top of this cliff there was some strange plant formations. We could not tell if they were moss or some type of short grass but they formed these green bumps on the surface of the ground as you can see in the picture. What ever it was its growth must be stunted from the harsh weather from the exposed location to the sea.

My daughter wanted a picture of her mother holding the sun in her hands. This was her lining up the shot.

The weather was perfect and there was just enough clouds in the sky to add some composition and colour to the pictures.

This is a time lapse video of the sun going down over the ocean.

On our way back to the car under the light of the moon.

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