My New Photographic Tool for Landscape Photography

My wife Sharon got me a franstastic new tool for my landscape photography, a Parrot Anafi drone! It is a great way to see our photo locations from a different perspective and capture the landscape with a birds eye veiw.

The Anafi drone has a very high speck for a relatively low price. As you can see from some of the technical features I have listed below, it is a high end camera that can fly.

21mp sensor


RAW (DNG) and JPG format


4K video at 30fps

3 axis stabilization (mechanical roll and tilt,electronic for yaw)


25 minutes of flight time

To help share the videos that I will be taking with the drone I have created a YouTube channel and will

The fist of the video’s is of a hike Sharon and I took to Binevenagh mountain near the town of Limavady in the north west of Ireland. If you like the video subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you will know when I have uploaded the latest video. It is a good way to see the locations that Sharon and I go and take our landscape photographs.

Keep an ey out in the video for Sharon in the red jacket. She is taking pictures from the cliffs edge. Let me know what you think of the videos.

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