Fair Head -Aerial Perspective

Last weekend Sharon and I took a trip along the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland and ended up at Fair Head.

Fair Head is a 5 kilometre long coastal cliff that rises a 196 metres above the sea. It is know as Northern Irelands tallest cliff face. It has distinctive vertical columns of of stone that resembles organ pipes. Good views of Rathlin Island and Scotland can be viewed on the top of the cliffs.

I took this video with my new Parrot Anafi drone. I hope the footage conveys the scale of the sea cliffs and the beauty of the surrounding land.

We had a good hike around the lakes and along the cliffs edge. In fact you can see Sharon in a red coat standing near the cliffs edge taking photographs in the video.

Not only did I get the video but we both got some good still photographs as well. I took the picture below just as the sun peaked through the clouds and spilled rays of sunshine onto the lake. I was lucky to get the picture as the sun disappeared less than a couple of minutes later.

Rays of Sunshine on Fair Head

Let me know what you think of the video by leaving a comment on the youtub page. it will be good to get some feedback as it is only the second video I have made with the drone.

Here is the link to my new Youtube page were I will be uploading more video's of aerial shoots and photographic locations that Sharon and I visit. If you don't want to miss the latest video I upload, click on the subscribe button and you will get a notification as soon as I upload.

Shawn Williams- YouTube Channel

For anyone interested in purchasing the same drone I took the video with here is a link to the Parrot Anafi Drone on Amazon.

Parrot Anafi- https://amzn.to/2RFeCb0

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